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A number of Antwerp merchants founded the NV Comptoir Sucrier on 20 August 1908 with the aim of buying and selling sugar. The registered office was at 16, Venusstraat in Antwerp. The sugar was stored in the company’s own warehouse but also in sugar factories and other warehouses. At the time one kilo of granulated sugar sold for about BEF 0.5 or € 0.0125!

We cannot compare the sugar market of the 1900s which was characterized by a labour-intensive industry - which was still developing at the time - , daily price quotations and a huge number of manufacturers and customers with today's highly concentrated sugar market, which is governed by EU rules.

At the end of 1919 the company acquired the premises at 85/91 Oudesteenweg in Antwerp.

The company earned a solid reputation in the sugar world and thus was appointed as agent or distributor by a number of Belgian sugar manufacturers.

During the two world wars, which had a significant impact on the European sugar industry, the public could only buy sugar with rationing coupons. Food was scarce and because of its unlimited shelf life sugar, and sugar cubes especially, were readily hoarded during times of war and crisis.

Comptoir Sucrier also developed storage and distribution activities in addition to its sales activities.

Until the end of the 1940s sugar was transported by rail to Antwerp, after which it was transferred to customers by horse and cart. Ecological distribution! The company had its own horses and stables in those days.

On 1 October 2011, Comptoir Sucrier took over all the activities of Declercq Suikers, Herstal. Declercq Suikers has been distributing sugar and salt to the processing and food industry as well as to wholesalers since 1968. This takeover marks an important step in the growth of Comptoir Sucrier.

The company, since 4 generations in the hands of the family Van den Busch, has been taken over by Ranson NV, wholesaler and producer of bakery products. Ranson NV from Harelbeke is represented all over Belgium, but is as well very active in the international market. This acquisition suits perfectly in Ranson’s strategy in order to develop in the world of bakery and pastry, confectioneries, ice cream producers, chocolateproducers, as well as in the sugar processing and the foodsector in general.