Sugar for industrial and artisanal use

Our range includes

  • granulated sugar (different granule sizes)
  • powdered sugar
  • pearl sugar
  • caster sugar
  • soft brown sugar and candy sugar
  • cane sugar, including organic and fair trade sugar
  • various fondants and liquid sugar
  • candy syrups and caramels

Household sugar

A wide range of household sugar in small, convenience packaging:

  • various types of sugar cubes
  • fine sugar
  • jam sugar
  • brown sugar
  • candy sugar and candy syrups
  • cane sugar
  • cocktail sticks

Sugar in portion packs for the catering industry

Individually wrapped granulated and cane sugar portions – with own logo – including sachets, wrapped cubes and sticks. Portion packs of candy syrup and soft brown sugar, as well as flashy cocktail sticks.

Sugar for vending machines

Fine sugar which is eminently suited for use in vending machines (schools, companies, seminar centres, etc.)